Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

Tame Impala - The Slow Rush

There I was.

Munted on ecstasy at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

The first of two support acts were still jangling away on a blurry, almost incomprehensible stage, and Tame Impala weren’t on until after the sun went down. Like countless others on that same hill before me, it could be argued that I’d taken just a little too much, just a little too early.

It was the end of 2015, Tame Impala were overtaking coal as Australia’s top export (though I was still a passive-listener at best), and I had been dragged along by my ex to their biggest headline show to date.

It might have been the drugs talking; but I’ll never, ever, forget the moment when the entirety of the music bowl lifted and swayed as one during the final crescendo of their brand-spanking-new-at-the-time psychedelic ballad ‘Eventually’. It was the kind of aural, visual and physical synergy that snaps the hairs on the back of my neck upright at the very thought; burnt into my memory like a time capsule full of MDMA.

Whilst drugs wear off, however, passion lasts forever. Overnight, I had become obsessed with the genius of Kevin Parker, and he had set an impossibly high precedent for his latest offering The Slow Rush .

To celebrate the release, a dear old mate and I assembled a sober two-man listening party in the afternoon shade of my Coburg front courtyard and fired up the iPhone hot-spot; endeavouring to stream The Slow Rush through a set of Logitech speakers via YouTube. What followed was a litany of unavoidable Woolworths ads, intermittent 4G drop-outs and an incessant stream of self-righteous musical commentary from two failed musicians (over the top of the new Tame Impala record).

That’s when it happened.

Right in the belly of a colossal synth breakdown during the at-first-unassuming six minute odyssey ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’, our animated conversation is suddenly brought to a grinding and overwhelming halt…

My world becomes consumed by an indulgent guitar arrangement, followed by an all-too-familiar feeling on the back of my neck. Beneath hammering drums, eyes roll backwards, cold sweat forms on the brow and my dear old mate jangles away into a blurry, almost incomprehensible courtyard.

The metaphorical time capsule of MDMA in my skull cracks wide open, surging an enormous, juicy dopamine dump right down the back of my spine. Mmmmmmm…

Succumbing to euphoria, a crooked smile erupts through my clenched teeth, and I know within myself that Kev has well and truly done it again.

The Slow Rush has arrived.

Four and a half out of five (Though I’m pretty sure I split that last half with my ex, back in 2015 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl)

Callum Padgham is a comedian, filmmaker, DJ (and failed musician) currently producing the comedy series “Tourrorist Down Under”

Tame Impala tour dates
Sat 18th April 2020 - Brisbane Entertainment Centre, QLD
Mon 20th April 2020 - Qudos Bank Arena, NSW
Thur 23rd April 2020 - Rod Laver Arena, VIC
Fri 24rd April 2020 - Rod Laver Arena, VIC
Sat 25th April 2020 - Adelaide Entertainment Centre, SA
Tue 28th April 2020 - RAC Arena, WA
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