Come Together 2013

Come Together 2013

featuring Drapht, Illy, The Herd, Spit Syndicate and more

For its 10 year anniversary, Come Together put on a stellar cast of Aussie Hip Hop acts, from up and comers Jackie Onassis to the all star class of The Herd and Drapht. Set in the picturesque location of Luna Park on Sydney Harbour, and with free rides for the day, the festival organisers' were intent on giving hip hop lovers a top-notch, cracker of a day.

First on the bill were Crochet Crooks who rocked the house with their killer track ‘Letters’. The Triple J Unearthed air play has been doing them justice, as evidenced by the building crowd that got involved and busted out their lyrics.

The former Butterfingers front-man Evil Eddie quickly took over, raising the roof with his fun and playful raps, and an energy that bought smiles to all throughout his short twenty minute set.

From there Jackie Onassis burst on stage. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these guys are wicked live and are going to keep getting bigger, and better, with all the momentum they’re gathering. By now the crowd was starting to fill out, and the Jackie Onassis boys were playing to a party sized crowd and were getting it started! Their energy was infectious, and they encouraged crowd participation by getting everyone to do a two step from side to side. Using hooks from indie faves Grizzly Bear and Flume really amped things up.

All Day stepped up next and his youthfulness was apparent as he bounced around stage. ‘So Good’ was filled with his usual swagger and the now-near-full-crowd under the Big Top at Luna Park rocked along with every word. Again Flume was sampled. Seems that unleashing a [b]Harley Streten[b] beat is a sure-fire way to send a crowd into a frenzy.

Adelaide crew [b]Full Tote Odds[/b], appeared to have “placed their bets” on giving it their utmost, and again their Triple J air time seems to be paying off, with the lads quickly making a name for themselves.

[b]Dialetrix[/b] delighted next with [b]Ryan Leaf[/b] and his cohorts ripping the stage apart and giving everything they had to get the crowd up and off their feet and jumping up and down like crazy.

The bumping tunes of [b]Spit Syndicate[/b] followed, and it was at this point that I looked around The Big Top and realised just how filled out the crowd had finally become. It seemed all the late comers had shown up, and all those thrill seekers had finally pried themselves away from the rides and roller-coaster of Luna Park. ‘Starry Eyed’ smashed it, with everybody screaming the words and getting down. [b]Nick Lupi[/b] and [b]Just Enuf[/b] then spat their cracker of a tune ‘Folly’ over [b]The XX[/b], which worked brilliantly. They finished with ‘Beauty in the Brick’s’ getting the whole house to represent Sydney and hold the fort.

[b]The Herd[/b] came together eight-strong on stage, bringing with them the live feel with bass guitar, guitar and, of course, [b]Tracksewt[/b] on the accordion. [b]Ozi Batla[/b] and [b]Urthboy[/b] lead the group through both a back catalogue of their hits and some new tracks off their latest album [i]Future Shade[/i]. [b]Jane Tyrell[/b] was faultless, as always, and represented the entire female side of Aussie Hip Hop being the only woman to grace the stage on the day, and what a job she did!

[i]‘Syyyyddddddnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy’[/i] was the roar with which [b]Illy[/b] entered the stage, bringing the crowd to a scream, and keeping everyone up on their feet. With a drum kit backing him and [b]M-Phazes[/b] on the decks, Illy got wild with his super amped energy that buzzed around the entire room. At one point, he ripped [b]Flo Rida[/b] apart on stage for whatever reason, which lead to M-Phazes cutting up a Flo Rida track on the turn tables and Illy lyrical killing it over the top. ‘The Chase’ was certainly a highlight for Illy, and the crowd was taken to a new level.

‘It starts with D and ends in T’. [b]Drapht[/b] hit the stage as the final act for the night, and anybody who thought he didn’t deserve this headliner position quickly came around. Drapht set was so tight and professional that he held the Come Together Hip Hop fort with command, and let the night roll out in a frenzy of 'hands in the air'. Early on, he pulled up a ‘dude in a hat’ for getting violent and trying to start a fight, and stated that we were all there for the music, so let’s just enjoy ourselves and have fun. [b]Npha Jones[/b] bounced on stage alongside Drapht to help spit ‘Bali Party’ out, whilst Flumes made a third appearance for the night as Drapht rapped ‘Falling’ over the top of it.

All in all, this was an impeccable day of Aussie Hip Hop, and it showed just how far we have come in creating our own stand alone genre of music and hip hop culture in this country. Big ups has to be given to all those who performed at Come Together, and to all those who made this epic day happen in such an epic location.

See you next year Come Together…

by Steve Wood
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