Hostile Objects

Hostile Objects

'Young God' 7" Sydney Launch

What a great little venue, it even has a cool beer garden. This is one venue to ruck with the band if you so wished, being about 2 metres between stage and band – no stage. Or if you're The Fuck Outs, their singer 'Trouble' is gonna ruck with you! If and when he feels like it… which is about every song tonight so watch out. As their blurb says THE FUCK OUTS play ‘bad ass hardcore punk rock and fucking roll!!!!’ That’s what we wanted and its what they delivered in spades with tunes like 'No Test - No Disease' and 'Çrystal Meth Master Chef'.

Some cool breakdowns that Deadly Visions dished out in their brand of hardcore got the council digger dancers out on some songs, flailing arms wildly, knocking anyone foolish enough to be in their way. The singer joked the Shire had come to Redfern tonight, obviously many local fans having trekked up to see their local lads play. His other banter was querying a local scatty folklore… Their brand of aggressive hardcore is rooted in the punk but the metal influences are evident, especially in some Slayer-like guitar riffs well used tonight.

Throwdown, also from the southern Sydney 'burbs, have a workman like attitude to their music - not much moving about, just down to business, pummelling you with their driving beat and riffs. The songs they played included 'Can't See Anything Wrong', 'Keep Standing Tall'. 'Can't Taste The Words' they shared will be on a compilation next year compiled by Scotty Mac of Toe to Toe. They wound up with a pretty darn good cover of The Motorhead classic 'Ace of Spades' which three of the four piece band sang on. They anticipated that it was going to fail but it came off ok.

Minutes of feedback preceded Hostile Objects first tunes, heightening the crowds eagerness for them, tonight's main act. The packed dance floor erupted when Hostile unleashed 'Weed' (working title, explained singer Rod Hunt). A few tunes in and singer Hunt says the next few would be the EP tunes in order off the vinyl seven inch release (yes, they still make that round flat black stuff). These were the guitar and throat shredding 'Turkish Knives', the relentless 'Blackened Room', and 'Eat Your Money', the titular 'Young God', followed by 'Send In The Clowns', and a killer cover of Poison Idea's 'Çop An Attitude'. All present lapped up their '80s thrash slant on hardcore. Song themes on topics such as corruption, injustice, angst, plastic people and even lost love (sic). They played the cover of Fear's’ ‘I Don't Care About You’ 'dueting with random eager punters.

The final number ‘Cave In’ bought tonight a pit like I hadn't seen before at their shows! People going off in reaction to the slow heavy grinding rhythm. While singer Rod Hunt sang as though chanting fire and brimstone to someone above, the disciple like crowd were banging their heads in a trance like state, dancing in near tribal unison to the rhythm and beat delivered by Hunts henchmen: Jimmy Fatal (guitar), Luke Death (bass), and Grant Rizzo (drums).

The dancefloor was a sight to behold. All too soon it was all over... and we were wanting it all again... Ahhh well, til next time.

Hostile Objects: Burning White

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