Adele Rejects Million-Pound Autobiography Deal

Adele Rejects $1.5 Million Autobiography Deal

British singer-songwriter Adele has turned down an autobiography deal worth at least one million pounds - that's at least $1,500,000.

Ashleigh Rainbird, a gossip columnist for British tabloid The Mirror, quoted an unnamed source on April 17.

Seems legit.

The source said: "Adele’s never been a really showy person, so it was always going to take a lot to get her to write her life story."

"Even though she received a lucrative offer, her primary concern was that she doesn’t want to write a book about just 24 years.

"She feels she’d rather wait until she has more life experience to write about.

"She’d never say never, but she did say ‘not now’."

Of course, short-lived success was a good enough reason for One Direction to pen a biography.

British X Factor runners-up Union J went a step better, signing a book deal before even releasing a single.

Another unnamed Mirror source told the paper about Adele's plans for new music.

The source said: "Adele is currently in a recording studio in London and it’s in lockdown mode for the next few weeks."

"Four tracks are finished in terms of writing and she’s now laying down preliminary vocals with backing music and singers.

"The feel is very much Adele going back to her roots, with some modern jazz and a couple of classic old songs."

If you like the sound of classic old Adele, check out this video for 'Cold Shoulder'.

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