Agent Of Change Celebration Party At The Cherry Bar

Agent Of Change Celebration Party At The Cherry Bar

One of the co-owners of The Cherry Bar, James "Hound Dog" Young has declared on the bar's Facebook page, that "Cherry Bar will host an AGENT OF CHANGE CELEBRATION party on Wednesday 1 October from 6pm sharp (till 3am) with free entry and some free kegs and everyone who loves live music is invited."

"Victoria has been a ground-breaker with our adoption in State legislation of the pivotal 'Agent of Change' principle to protect live music venues from new residential developments. Serious WOW-factor! The whole world is watching and I know the UK's desperate live music venues are now using Victoria as a 'hero' example in their struggles. But there has been no celebration and there has been very few thank-yous. Helen Marcou and Quincy McLean from SLAM have pretty much volunteered the last four years of their lives to saving Australia's live music. Paddy Donovan and his team at Music Victoria have achieved amazing results operating on a shoestring budget, as the peak body for music in this state. And no bastard has even sent them a courtesy thank-you letter for getting Agent of Change across the line in record time (in political terms.) These legends and this achievement need to be acknowledged in Melbourne people."

Agent Of Change Celebration Party At The Cherry Bar

James also states that the 1st of October is a significant day for The Cherry Bar. "It marks the precise tenth anniversary of the christening of AC/DC Lane, name-changed from Corporation Lane by Lord Mayor John So on 1 Oct 2004."

They don't call it MELBOURNE ROCK CENTRAL for nothing! So let's rock out and we will see the Melbourne music loving community there on the 1st of October at The Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane.
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