American Poll Reveals Gaga Hate

American Poll Reveals Gaga Hate

Poker-faced queen of pop Lady Gaga is hated by over 50% of America, according to a recent poll by Public Policy Polling.

A survey of nearly 600 Americans revealed that baby-faced Canadian Justin Bieber and Rihanna's ex-rapper Chris Brown are the only musicians more reviled.

Bieber- and Brown-bashers are everywhere, however, so Gaga was the survey's unpleasantly surprised star.

British songstress Adele topped the poll's "most favoured" category.

Other favourites were country-pop love story Taylor Swift, suit-and-tie-wearing singer Justin Timberlake, and the bootylicious Beyonce.

Classical music won out for favourite genre (I'm serious!), followed by jazz and country tied in second place.

Rap came last. Go figure.

Let's stick with Gaga, though. If you're in the minority and still going Gaga for the pop queen, support her by watching this video for 'Born This Way'.

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