Doubts Over Possible Sidewaves For Perth’s Vans Warped Tour

Poor Perth! Festival Promoter AJ Maddah has taken to Twitter to voice Perth’s plans of side shows have “gone to shit,” due to the travel costs, but will try to make it up to the most isolated city in the world with a couple Soundwave 2014 Sidewaves.

Despite AJ Maddah’s incredible persistent efforts, it is almost impossible to create all-ages shows in Perth, due to its State laws surfacing earlier this year, when attempts of bringing events clashed with regulations began to impose on promoters. It seems the up-tight government may be getting in the way of rock and roll putting serious doubts within sidewaves with confirmation that there will be no Offspring: “No Offspring show at all now. Sorry. They have tons of shit & big crew. We couldn’t afford travel & freight.”

How dis-heartening! Perth we miss out yet again! Looks like travel is on the agenda!

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