The Dwarf In Conversation With: The Ugly Kings

The Dwarf In Conversation With: The Ugly Kings

The Dwarf has a good ol' chinwag with Melbourne rockers The Ugly Kings about their new release and their November residency at Yah Yah's, beginning Thursday the 6th.

Your latest song 'Control Freak' has been receiving a bit of attention from triple j. It is currently sitting at #12 on the Rock Charts and #35 overall. Can you tell us a bit about the song?

'Control Freak' is about coming to terms with life in your late twenties. Our generation was raised to believe we were special and entitled but by the time we hit our late twenties we realise that perhaps we are not as special as we once thought. We are nobodies master and our story has been told a thousand times. It’s about learning how to let go of the ropes because we can’t control everything, especially time. The sound is influenced by the music of The Arctic Monkeys and Queens Of The Stone Age with elements of Black Sabbath and a bit of groove rock whilst also incorporating our own signature brand of foot tapping power blues rock. It’s a fun song with a
relevant message.

Your singles have been well received. Are you working on an album?

Well all we can say at the moment is that we're working on something big for next year. We've been working hard on developing our writing to take it to the next level and we're extremely pleased with the material we're sitting on. Next year is looking big for The Ugly Kings!

You have been wholly embraced by the Cherry Bar/Yah Yah's music scene. What does the support of the people within scene mean to you?

The support of anyone means worlds to us but having the support of possibly the worlds greatest rock 'n roll bar and its sister venue as well spurs us on to keep bringing the best that we can bring. Cherry will always be special to us as we've now done a an EP and single launch there, and now Yah Yah's will be the first venue we have a residency with. The people in that scene are amazing and we've become great friends with a lot of them. It's an a amazing feeling when you bump in to someone at Cherry Bar who is proudly wearing your t-shirt!

How does it feel to be nominated for two Cherry Awards?

Amazing! That bar means so much to us and to be thought of amongst the insanely talented bands that were also nominated is such a big honour! We're actually a little scared about the awards night. It's definitely going to be a party!

You're playing a month long residency at Yah Yah's with some excellent supports. Can you tell us about some of them?

The bands we chose for our residency are all bands that we've played with before or were personally big fans of their work. Where do we begin with this?!?

Greenthief (apart from being great guys to be friends with) are an extremely talented three piece with their own brand of psychedelic rock.

The Black Alleys. One of our favourite live bands in Melbourne. Those guys are just super fun and love being loud.

My Old Dutch are a two piece that Ryan discovered while mixing a show. Dirty blues with a modern edge. These guys are worth keeping an ear out for!

Filthy Lucre we discovered when we were last playing in Adelaide. These guys are insanely good songwriters and have such a big sound for a band that's only a two piece!

Which local bands are you currently listening to? Are there any that you haven't played with yet but want to?

We're all really loving Kingswood and King Of The North at the moment. We're thinking that we should put on a show with them and calling it "The Three Kings Of Melbourne".

You have been doing a fair bit of touring of late, what have you been listening to on the long drives? Who has the worst playlist?

Sometimes on the long tour drives silence is the best music... But lately we can't get enough of Rival Sons. Those guys got us to Adelaide and back!

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