Vanessa Raspa & The Zombie Cats Set To Release Album Early Next Year

Vanessa Raspa & The Zombie Cats Set To Release Album Early Next Year

The soundtrack for next autumn is set to be buzzing with the living dead as Vanessa Raspa and the Zombie Cats get set to release their first full length EP.

The EP will showcase six original songs, written by singer Vanessa Raspa, including her personal favourite ‘Your Eyes'.

The song “[…is] really different to any of our other tracks and it’s very raw with only bass and piano accompanying…[It] is a really heartfelt ballad where I do quite a bit of falsetto,” said Raspa.

The album will incorporate a winning combination of deeply profound lyrics to colourful, fun tunes, in traditional Zombie Cat flare.

“It’s going to be quite a mixed bag, we have some of the classic swingin’ 60s stuff on there but then we also have one track that’s more drum and bass, and another track that has really minimal accompaniment and focuses more on the vocals…” Raspa said.

The EP is set to be release in March of next year, provided the band can fundraise enough to secure Cat Empire producer Steven Schram.

In the meantime, whilst the EP is in preparation, Raspa confirmed the Zombie Cats will still be appearing live across their favourite venues.

“We really enjoy gigging, performing live is always such a thrill and a different experience every time, so we definitely aren’t planning on disappearing from the scene any time soon,” she said.

The band has also planned an album launch for early next year, as a thank you to their fans for helping them this far.

The Zombie Cats are also offering the opportunity to financially partner with them as they prepare to record their EP.

Pledges can be made via the band’s ‘Pozible’ profile (…), with prizes available to donators.
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