WATCH: Placebo’s New ‘Too Many Friends’ Off Upcoming Album ‘Loud Like Love’

UK’s alternative rockers Placebo have released the video-clip for ‘Too Many Friends,’ in support of their highly anticipated seventh album Loud Like Love set for release Friday September 13.

The video features direction by the Iranian-born, Saman Kesh, who recently won 2013 SXSW Best Video award for his Vitalic video, and is narrated by 1991’s American Psycho novelist and screenwriter Brett Easton Ellis.

Writing for upcoming album Loud Like Love began in April 2012 and is described by the guys as a ‘happy accident.’ What started off to be the makings of an EP, naturally converted to a splurge of creativity and grand ambition that resulted in a release that marks Placebo as a band big on heart-scarred intimacy as well as anthemic pop hooks.

Singer and songwriter Brian Molko said: “I wanted to write a record that was all killer and no filler. That's what we strived for when we first started what would become Loud Like Love,” adding "Sometimes love is a really brutal thing, it can be violent and filled with such disappointment and rejection. I think the album is about that, rather than how great it is to love somebody. Love is hard. Sometimes it's hard to love your partner, sometimes it's hard to love your kid. Sometimes it's really hard to love yourself, or feel like you're worthy of being loved. Once that theme emerged, I wanted to explore it further."

The album is divided into two distinct halves, showcasing the vulnerabilites, highs and lows in the world of fame. Molko revealed: "When we first started Placebo, our bravado was immense. I thought I was invincible and that the sun shone out of my arse. I was really young and in my head I was amazing. But as I've got older, the more my confidence has been chipped away. I don't have that bravado anymore, the vulnerability is what's left, and the results are the most emotional record we've made.”

The release may come across as dramatic, risky with an emotional weight within it, but it also shows how down-to-earth they are, and above all human. Can't wait to hear it!

WATCH: Too Many Friends

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